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Welcome to the Official Website AKPAR Medan

Most of the efforts were derived from not only governmental institutions but also individuals who concerned about the tourism development which finally established an educational institution for tourism sector especially in the region of North Sumatera  Province of Republic of Indonesia known as Akademi Pariwisata Medan (Akpar Medan) – previously named Balai Pendidikan dan Latihan Pariwisata Medan or BPLP Medan.

In the beginning of 1990’s, it was realized that the needs of Human Resources Development in Tourism Sector had been increasing rapidly so that the existing institutions at that time such as  Balai Pendidikan dan Latihan Pariwisata Bandung and Bali were not able to occupy the increasing number of applicants. Consequently, it was assumed that was necessary to establish two more new institutions under the Ministry of Tourism, Post and Telecommunication  to the parts western and eastern Indonesia Region.

Some provinces in Sumatera Island delivered their very full supports to the idea of establishing BPLP Medan. They were among other : North Sumatera province, West Sumatera Province, and Riau Province. Under a direct command from the late Mr Rajainal Siregar as the Governor of North Sumatera accompanied by Mr Abdul Manan ,SH as the chairman of Regional Office for the Affairs of  Tourism, Post and Telecommunication had fought and forced the Central Government since 1989. Finally, in 1991, BPLP Medan was officially inaugurated. Located on Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan Medan, BPLP Medan was built officially under the Minister Decree Nos: KM 241/OT 001/PPT-91 dated 18th August 1991 and occupied the  ex-building of APDN Medan temporarely. Areas covered as BPLP Medan’s responsiblity  are all provinces in Sumatera Island except Lampung Province and West Kalimantan/Borneo.